The reason I’ve been doing this ECHO workshop is that I want to develop an online survey to gather information from users of mice about their experiences with the device.

But how do you ask people interesting and penetrating questions about something that no one pays much attention to? It’s a bit like asking people to compare their experiences with different kinds of brake pedals. And trying to get people to think about why they don’t notice something is kind of tough.

But there are still questions worth asking. In particular, there are two areas that I think people can speak to:

  • What choices people have made about the kidns of mice they like to use, or why they prefer other kinds of input devices– trackballs, trackpads, etc.– to mice.
  • The ergonomics of mouse use, particularly whether people are more comfortable with multiple buttons, and thumb buttons (which in ergonomic terms are a significant innovation in mouse design).

But what else, what else….