One reason I bought my Clie was that I had hoped it could substitute for my laptop. In many circumstances, it’s pretty close; but there are a couple functions that will have to change before I can forget about my Vaio.

For one, the clipboard has got to get bigger. It currently maxes out a a couple hundred characters, which means it’s hard to move data from one application to another: to copy a document from my e-mail and paste it into Word, for example. Effectively, this means that data is trapped in whatever application it was created in.

Another problem is that it’s hard to move between applications in quite the way you do with a PC. Some programs save states when you exit (i.e., the MP3 player remembers what song you were last listening to; Docs to Go remembers your open document); others don’t. And excepting the programs you have programmed in the buttons (which are kind of like a permanent taskbar), to move between preograms you have to go through the home screen– no small inconvenience if you’re multitasking.

I suspect that neither of these is an insurmountable technical challenge. It’s just that as uses evolve, so should interfaces and features.