I’m heading down to Southern California later today, and may be out of blog range until Wednesday night, but I wanted to make sure that this latest tidbit from the headlines made it to my friends’ attention:

US forces ‘turn down Sahhaf’s surrender overtures’:

Iraq’s former information minister Mohammad Said al-Sahhaf, who denied to the end the presence of US forces in Baghdad, was turned down by US troops after trying to turn himself in… Sahhaf had been at his aunt’s house in Baghdad for the past four days and wanted US troops to arrest him so that “they can protect him” but they refused since he was not on their “most wanted” deck of playing cards.

Boy, those military guys are focused on the mission!

Update, 5/1/2003: Talking Points Memo reports that Sahhaf later “tried, unsuccessfully, to turn himself in to a Portuguese journalist.” I assume this means he tried to surrender to a Portuguese journalist, rather than transform himself into one, like Kim Jong Il turning into a giant robot (oh damn, that article from The Onion isn’t up any longer). But the journalist wouldn’t take him. (Portugal?) Fortunately, a satellite channel in Dubai wants to hire him as an analyst. Or perhaps a stand-up comedian.