When you buy anything more technically sophisticated than a wool scarf, you have to calculate whether the satisfaction of possession will outweigh the aggravation of seeing a new, significantly more powerful (or cheaper, or bigger, or smaller, or simultaneously bigger and smaller) version of the same thing show up two weeks later. I’m reminded of this because today, along with its new music service, Apple has announced a new version of the iPod, with a 30 GB hard drive.

I seem to have a perverse genius for buying toys nanoseconds before the next verions come out. But this time I don’t feel so bad. I’ve gone on a tear, so to speak, and desperately MP3ed every last CD I can find in my collection, and still have more than 2 GB left on my 20 GB iPod. So aside from basking in the quiet satisfaction of having 12 unused GB of hard drive space, there’s nothing I’d get from the new machine that I wouldn’t get from the old.

And besides, my iPod was a present, so it has deep sentimental value.