A short, not too bad piece on the dangers of putting “your life on one chip. This is something I’ve been thinking about, for two very different reasons. First, I’m becoming a heavy user of portable memory devices like keychain memory, and am becoming convinced that Small and Portable are Very Significant.

Second, working on the Fuller papers has exposed me to a body of material that constitutes a remarkably detailed record of a person’s life– and one that was consciously manipulated, reviewed, and edited by its subject. I have to wonder, how did having this gigantic body of documentation affect Fuller’s sense of himself? It MUST have in some way, but I don’t know how; but it’s worth thinking about because it strikes me that in the forseeable future, many of us will be able to record and archive our lives in tremendous detail, without it being a great hindrance or semi-pathological activity (i.e., it won’t be something confined to people who are obsessed or slightly unhinged).