I just realized I’m using my Clie the way the Japanese use SMS and those really cool 3G cell phones: as a way to do something productive during those off-times when you’re not at home, work, or some space that’s your own. Apparently SMS is a big thing on subways and trains, which the Japanese rely on a lot more than Americans. Likewise, I’m constantly whipping out my Clie when I’m on a nap drive with the kids, in line at the store, or waiting for someone (as I am now). Children are great creators of large amounts of in-between time that need to be filled somehow.

I’ve also become a pretty aggressive Docs to Go user (what a great program this is!) so I’m starting to not need my laptop so often, either. True mobility, the dream of every knowledge worker– that state of grace in which you at once carry nothing yet have everything you might conceiveably need, and are anywhere yet accessible to everyone you want to have within reach– draws ever closer.

Though as I’ve said before, it’s the iPod that’s done the most to make me feel untethered. The fact that ALL my music is in my pocket is liberating to a degree I couldn’t have imagined before. I wonder what it’ll be like when I have a 200 GB hard drive that I can put on my keychain, and holds everything I’ve ever read, browsed, or written.

I’ll probably lose it at the beach or something.