Normally I confine pictures to the blog I keep about my children, but I thought I’d include one from this weekend’s Peninsula School spring fair.

Daddy and Daniel making flags

I spent the morning working the little children’s crafts, which I’ll do for the next couple years, then move aggressively to occupy the book stall until Daniel graduates from Peninsula.

The spring fair is always a lot of fun, and this is the third year we’ve gone (and the first as Peninsula parents). It’s truly mind-boggling to think that Elizabeth has almost finished her first year at Peninsula.

I like the school a lot more than I expected to, and I thought I’d like it a LOT. I take Elizabeth there virtually every morning, and I always get a kick out of the atmosphere: it’s basically a Grateful Dead concert for the under-5 set. I suspect that when I finally write that book about Buckminster Fuller and the geodesic dome, I’m going to draw a lot on my experiences with Peninsula when making sense of the dome’s cultural history in the 1960s. Being involved with the school is probably the closest I’ll ever come to living in a commune.