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More on cell phone repairs in Korea

My informant in Seoul has more on the question of cell phone repairs:

I managed to ask several of my friends about fixing cell phones…. Interestingly, all three of them had some sort of experience in fixing their cell phones. More interestingly, all of them got their phones back in half an hour. One had a wire connection problem with his battery; another had a broken LCD; the third had a non-pressable button problem. It seems that the Samsung service stations–located throughout the city, very convenient–keep most of the parts necessary to fix the abovementioned problems.

The diffusion of repair facilities throughout the city makes so much sense, given that with these phones you’re not making repairs the way you might to a car’s transmission, as you are replacing broken modules with working ones. As I was waiting at my cell phone store, it occured to me that they could have a bunch of parts in the store, and could probably handle a lot of simple repairs themselves. But the employees aren’t given any technical training (as one admitted to me).

Then, I called the service station myself to ask some phony questions. The operator was very nice: I could feel her professional concern about my inconveniences. (I told her I cannot press my buttons, and she said "That would be very inconvenient, since you can’t make any phone calls.") I asked her how long it will take to fix if I brought the machine to the station. Her reply was that although they would have to see the machine before making any estimations, in most cases I can get the machine back that very day. At most, it would take 3-4 days.

Those damned efficient Asians!

Update: Please note that while a couple friends have checked into this for me in their spare time, I don’t have any information about cell phone repair manuals, becoming a cell phone technician, etc..

Update yet again (28 October 2004): I still don’t have any information about cell phone repairs, nor can I point you to books on the subject, online schools to attend, or ANYTHING ELSE.

If people are leaving comments asking for help as a form of ironic humor, I now get the joke. Thank you. Thank you very much. Your trucker hat is in the mail.

One last update (5 November 2004): As charmed as I am by the fact that this post has turned into a little forum on cell phone repairs, I’m turning off the comments. Apologies to any and all who find their incomes adversely affected by this move, but what can I say– get your own damn blog.


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  2. odumosu oluseyi

    May 28, 2004 at 1:29 pm

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  5. washington mutanho

    August 17, 2004 at 7:05 am

    please send me a manual of cellphone repairs,so that l canget to fix more phones,and you can eventually train me thru the net.last but not least its a nice profile,also send me more manuals about cellphone repairs

  6. I’m looking for any info on cell/pcs phones repair ie. manuals, net or class training. i work for one of the big cell comp. as an in store repair tech level 2 the training is not very in depth. i want more training but they do offer any more.

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  12. hi,
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  13. hi,
    wanna comment that we wanna wanted that the net will post an information about the manual information of cellphone repair and some hardware or even software…

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