Do read this article in the New York Times about cab drivers and cell phones. In addition to offering a view of how cell phone technology is being adopted into a mobile workplace, it has some surprisingly good writing:

Days and nights spent in dozens of cabs, where conversations were recorded and translated, have revealed a spectacular alternate world of words beamed from cellphones to invisible audiences around the city and planet. Though cabdrivers are not supposed to talk on cellphones while driving, even with a hands-free device, the long black cord has become something of a cultural lifeline to mothers in faraway lands, to children unseen during 12-hour shifts, and to the humor and commiseration of other drivers braving the same lonely streets….

Drivers check in with one another to compare earnings midway through a shift, and share tips on heavy foot traffic with phrases like, “Penn Station’s moving right now” or “Go to the Port Authority.”

“We are always connected,” said Umar Iqbal, 24, a Pakistani. “We keep listening to each other so we can judge where to go.”

[thanks again to Bill C]