Friday afternoon, just before I was due to go home, I discovered that it’s possible to add geocoding to Movable Type entries. (GeoURL has the instructions.) Despite this wonderful discovery, I did in fact go home and have dinner with my family.

I’ve got it 90% working: the plugin is loaded, my templates are changed (if you go to the permalinked entry, you’ll maybe see a “nearby” hyperlink, right beside the comments link), but I haven’t quite got it working yet. The “maybe” link is supposed to connect to the GeoURL database, and show other blogs or entries in the area. This is something I’ve pined for, and really hope to get it working. Indeed, if I get it working, I might have to go back and add lat/long coordinates for my Korea trip. Like I don’t have enough to do.

Update: I wasn’t giving the GeoURL server enough time to update itself.

As Homer Simpson would say, “D’Oh!”

The feature seems to work fine. It’s a bit labor-intensive (you have to manually insert the lat/long coordinates, surrounded by three brackets, and the plugin then recognizes that as geographical data, and strips it out of the published page), but it is functional.

Now I just need exact coordinates for every place I go, and maybe also every place discussed in any article I link to.