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I happened upon this interview with Meg Hourihan in m-pulse, HP Labs’ surprisingly good magazine. It would be a good thing to send to your relatives when they ask what this “glogging” thing is (as one of mine did recently).

Also, she has an interesting prediction about blogs:

I think people will stop focusing on weblogs as a distinct thing, and it will evolve into a natural format for any website that has a section with frequently updated information. Weblogs will get incorporated into other places, such as the front page for all news sites, as they are constantly putting out the latest information. It’s a good format for keeping content fresh.

Right now, we’re still working with a first generation of tools, and we’ll have to see what happens when the tools evolve. You’re going to see pervasiveness happen with use of wireless devices, and you’re also going to have the ability to easily integrate photos and make it a richer media experience. I think the next few years in blogging will be really interesting, because there is great potential there.

This seems right on to me. One of the things that attracted me to blogging was the ease with which you could use the tools to manage an entire site. And moblogging now seems like a drop-dead obvious Next Big Thing, once we reach a critical mass of 1) GPS-enabled mobile devices that connect directly to the Internet (or possibly stores and other locations installing devices that broadcast their GPS coordinates via Bluetooth), and 2) geocoding at the entry level.

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  1. Sideways props (*surprisingly* good, heh) to mPulse, yay! Thanks Alex. You’ll also enjoy the article on moblogging in the August edition, on newstands everywhere today.

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