I spent a frustrating several hours trying to get my Clie NX-60 set up to do mobile blogging. I’ve got the WiFi card, and several pieces of software designed to let you do blogging from the road…. and blew an afternoon trying to get them to work together.

No one would ever confuse me with Alan Turing, but I think I have a better than average facility for getting my little electronic devices working and playing; and I’ve been thwarted at every turn. Either the Clie’s connection would time out (while connecting to my iMac, which I’ve configured as a base station), or I’d get some mysterious error having to do with a bad XML parser. As for the various PDA Web browsers, they all seem to be hopeless.

I figure if I can’t get it working in the controlled conditions of my office– with the PDA sitting three feet from the WiFi hub– I can forget doing anything on the road.

This is doubly frustrating, because I hear quite a bit about moblogging these days, and would like to be able to do it myself, using something lighter than my notebook computer. But it’s also a good lesson in how far we are from this being a mass-market phenomenon.