Those of us interested in smart mobs and emergent behavior spend a fair amount of time looking to the animal world for examples of interesting emergent behavior– swarming, pack hunting, and the like. It was only a matter of time before natural swarming and technology converged, as reported by m-pulse:

In mobility-happy Finland, hunters have taken to strapping wireless phones combined with a GPS chipset to the backs of their hunting dogs. The phone can send the dog’s location back from the field, and the hunter can ring up their dogs and give them verbal commands. The hunter also can listen to the dog’s barking, which varies depending on the type of prey being tracked.

Most importantly, though, the dog’s movements can be tracked. The GPS components in the dog’s harness relay coordinates back to a handheld device, displaying a map showing the dog’s position relative to the hunter.

Here is an account of a “pawset”-enabled moose hunt.

This is interesting, but I wonder how long it’ll be before someone develops a system that will allow the dogs to communicate with each other?