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We want to go THAT way…

Epistemographer has a Where’s Josh? page that displays a map of his recent travels. It uses something called the IndyJunior Flash Mapping Module, which is “a fully customizable map which you can use to easily display your geographic location.” You put your travels into an XML file (location name, lat/long, and date you were there), and it creates an Indiana Jones flying-to-Egypt-like map of your travels. The map is in Flash.

I like the notion of adding geographical data to blogs, and the map is pretty. But the fact that you have to manually update the XML file makes it a bit of a pain. And of course, you have to know your coordinates. (I’m starting to wonder what the smallest GPS reader is. Is there a jewelry-sized one that you can pin on your jacket?) Plus, I don’t quite travel enough to make it worth my while. Yet.

The fact that there are all these different experiments in combining Web pages and geocoded information makes me think that this is going to be a big thing in the future.

Isn’t it interesting that in an age in which we’re increasingly worried about privacy and surveillance, we also like things like these maps, Webcams, and Kung Tunes (which lists the songs you’ve recently listened to on iTunes on your blog)?


  1. Actually, I’ve been wishing that there were a way to get IndyJunior (or another app) to somehow interface with the GPS-ish capability of my cell phone. While I’m as concerned about surveillance as the next person, I like the idea of having an automated way for friends and family to know where I am, since I’m in a state of perpetual motion between Ithaca and New York City, not to mention trips elsewhere…

  2. I’d say the privacy/exposure is all about who controls one’s personal information and gets to make the decision to use/reveal it.

  3. Rana, quite right. The whole dustup over RFID is a great example of this: the fear that our clothes (or other tagged devices) will allow us to be tracked physically is a scenario that gives pause even to people who have Webcams on all the time.

  4. I too think that an automated system for grabbing GPS data will be essential for its wide use (as well as the ability to turn it off). I’ve found something that will let me add geocoded tags to entries in my blog– so my entire blog can have one physical “location,” but so can my entries– and it requires some serious tweaking with style sheets. So far. If I get into the territory of messing with Perl, I’m going to give up. Anyway, it requires some significant willingness to play with MT, and a confidence that one can undo any mistakes.

    Though even if I get the feature up and running, I’ll STILL have to grab the GPS information from somewhere (if my phone knows where I am, it’s not telling), and input it into the entries (which may actually be pretty tough– I don’t think it’ll just add a new box to my MT editing interface).

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