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You got here how?

In the course of looking for an “American Gladiator” site (see the next, or depending on how you think about it, last, post), I ran across this search request, which is part of Disturbing Search Requests.

For those of you who don’t have blogs, one of the things you can do with some systems is see what search terms people have used to find your blog. (Don’t ask me how it works, I have no idea.) Someone was smart enough to create a site for people to share the, well, disturbing search requests– disturbing not just because they can be really weird, or just strange, or completely confusing— but because they led to someone’s blog.

I don’t have anything so bizarre in my log files. Why the search “largest yacht in the world” points to this site is beyond me; ditto for “asphalt finisher illustration,” and “getting into mit.” As for “computer photo early mouse -embryo,” I’ve got to wonder what they were really looking for. But in the case of “diabetic machine in akihabara tokyo,” I really hope they found it.

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  1. Well, I love looking at referrer logs! Imagine having access too Google’s searchterms … Who searches for what, how does it develop over time? &c. Like Google Zeitgeist, with the possibility to choose what patterns/search requests to track.

    (I suggested this to Google as a future service, thinking that the flow of searchterms must be a great resource for Google, they could even sell access to the data to journalists, futurologists, think tanks, politicians, social scientists &c. They never answered.)

    Since writing a small note on your long-term project on the history of the computer mouse, I have got several hits from people searching for “history of computer mouse” and so on. You will, thus, have readers, once the book is published!

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