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Another Internet cafe in Kauai

Here are pictures of two other Internet cafes I spotted in Kauai.

The first, and far more unlikely of the two, is the Atomic Clock Cafe, in Hanapepe.

I was especially attracted to it by the alien surfer dude advertising Internet access.

The second is the Koloa Country Store.

Koloa is an aggressively charming little town, and the country store is part of a little complex that includes an historical exhibit (that Heather lingered over), various shops, and a Lappert’s Ice Cream (that we all lingered over)

I spoke briefly to the person working in the KCS, and she reported that the computers had been installed about six years earlier– relatively early for Internet cafes, I think.

My sense is that these are largely used by tourists, rather than Hawaiians. For one thing, the service runs about $10 an hour, so it’s not exactly cheap. For another, Kauai itself has fewer than 60,000 permanent residents, but over a million visitors a year. Finally, with the exception of the Atomic Clock Cafe, they’re all located in high-tourist traffic areas. But I plan to do a little e-mailing to the owners, to get a better sense of how it all works.

[[[latitude=21]]] [[[longitude=-159]]]


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