Check it out, before eBay pulls it down:

Now you can own a piece of American history; the Texas Air National Guard George W Bush Action Figure.

This figure probably stands 14″ in height, and is exactly as the future Leader of the Western World(tm) appeared during his service defending our Nation’s borders from Mexicans and Bahamians.

Comes with detailed uniform (as imagined by base commander), sealed discharge papers, Coors Light keg, and “licensed to chug” bumper sticker.

Now you can have George in your home every day, even after November 2004!

The perfect complement to the Elite Force Aviator figure!

[via Dan Gillmor]

Update, 14 August 2003: eBay brought it down. Oh well. Its memory lives on in the blogosphere. Are the number of “>parody identies like these on the rise?