The funniest thing I’ve seen about the recall is Gawker’s gubenatorial platform. (Part 1 is here; Part 2 is here.) Some of the planks:

  • One word sentences such as “Dude,” and “Gnarly”both of which I have in all seriousness heard, shattering my optimistic belief that they were really just Hollywood constructsare punishable by death.
  • “Tubular,” is not a complete sentence, either.
  • Visitors should be duly notified that the figure atop the Los Angeles Temple is… not Steven Spielberg.
  • “Dude. I think you’re judging” is never an acceptable response to negative criticism.
  • Media criticism isn’t one big creative writing workshop. (“I think your stuff is, like, totally valid, but we’d all be a little more comfortable with what you’re saying it if you, like, used more ‘giving’ language.”) A friend’s explanation of the impulse: “In LA, you can’t really dissect peopleeven at that superficial levelbecause there’s, like, nothing underneath.”

Hey, it’s more detailed than Ah-nold’s platform.

And my meeting is interesting. We’re just doing the round of introductions right now.