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Installing OS X

I’m taking the leap and installing OS X today on my Graphite iMac. I’d put this on my birthday wish list, but it turns out that we have copies of it at work, even though we’re a 99% Windows office. Wish me luck….

Update 2:35: So far, so good! It’s a bit like moving from one computer to another– getting iTunes 4 to find and recognize my old music collection took a little while, but I think it’s finally working.

There are some work-related I needed to move up to OS X, but what’s really got me excited about it are the prospects for

  • Music
  • Blogging
  • More music and blogging


  1. Don’t know if you’ve been using a tabbed browser already, but I finally transitioned over to Safari, and it’s really, really cool. There are adjustments I’d like to see, but for a 1.0, it’s impressive. Reminds me of the time–back in the day–when Netscape had just emerged as a real alternative to Mosaic. Ahh, good times.

  2. I love tabbed browsing all out of proportion to its functionality. Or maybe it’s one of those simple functions that turns out to be wildly useful– like page numbers, of slicing bread.

    I haven’t downloaded Safari yet, since I’ve been dealing with my iPod emergency. But soon….

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