Well, I still haven’t solved the iPod-iT4 issue, and suspect I’m not going to for a while; but I’ve turned my attention to getting the rest of my machine up and running, and doing all the little customization and settings tweaking and downloading software that you do to get your computer just so.

I think I spend at least as much time playing around with my computing environment, getting it set up so I can work easily in it, as I spend on my physical environment. And the former stays neater.

But if anyone is still running OS 9, I have one word: switch now, dammit. I feel like I’ve been dropped into the 21st centry. This morning I moved over from Netscape 7 to Mozilla, which is like four times as fast but still recognizable in its functionality; and added Net News Wire, which is so much better than any other RSS aggregator I’ve tried I can’t begin to describe it. (Here are some tips on power user of NNW.)

So when 10.3 comes out, I’m going to pony up for it, assuming it’ll run on G3s. And maybe they’ll have solved the iPod-iT4 thing by then.