The New York Times (free registration required) reports that Wi Fi is being used more and more in places like restaurants and, very interestingly, casinos.

The casino and hotel operator Harrah’s Entertainment of Las Vegas has tested several uses of Wi-Fi at its properties. Curbside check-in lets high rollers bypass the hotel registration desk and shortens lines for all guests. The hand-held terminal can also direct a host to dole out perks on the spot, checking information on specific guests to see if their past business warrants a free meal or show or even a free room, said Tim Stanley, Harrah’s chief information officer.

I know only a tiny bit about the gambling industry, but apparently they spend a lot of energy keeping track of regular visitors and high rollers.

Harrah’s has also experimented with using roving cashiers, who tote hand-held terminals to verify player winnings and make payments on the casino floor, so the customers can keep gambling when they would otherwise be standing in line at the payout window. A small portable printer even spits out federal tax forms at tableside. “It keeps them in the action longer, frankly,” Mr. Stanley said.

Technology making our lives easier….