The Guardian Online has a piece on robotics for the elderly in Japan:

Mrs Tanaka is 84. Today, as usual, she wakes just before 7am, slips on her dressing gown and flips a switch to start water boiling for her first green tea of the day. She’s about to get dressed when she pauses. She turns to the low table near the door, where a soft toy sits incongruously, and greets it in her distinctive west-Japan accent.

“Good morning Teddy. How are you today?” “Pretty good, thanks Tanaka-san,” comes the reply. “Have you remembered to take your pills? It’s the pink ones this morning,” the robot bear continues.

A scene from AI 2 or a vision of a slightly over-cooked future nanny state? Actually, it’s here and now in Japan, and could be just around the corner for more of us, if Kuni’ ichi Ozawa, director of the hi-tech Sincere Korien retirement home in Korien, just outside Osaka, has his way.

It also has more about the robot suit.