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Cell phones of the future

Since I don’t read German, I can’t tell you anything about the background of this, but check out this online exhibit of prototype mobile phones.

Few of them actually bear any resemblance to phones; most have cameras; a lot incorporate PDA-like functions; and a few look like Danger’s HipTop or other edgy devices.

Two things that surprise me: First, many of them include a stylus, which I think is unlikely to catch on in cell phones. I have a universal remote control that uses a stylus, and I never use it, even though I’m perfectly willing to use the stylus on my PDA: once you get accustomed to one-handed operation, you don’t give it up. Second, none of them seem to make use of really innovative materials– for example, printable electronics that would let you create deformable computers (i.e., computers that you would control by twisting and bending). Still, a fun exhibit.

[via die puny humans]


  1. WOW can you tell me more on this subjct i am doing a paper for school on the future of Cell phones and readignyuor little excerpt made me want to read more. Please.


  2. Imagine this for a second, if you will. A cell phone that you can plug into your laptop and it will act as a high-speed modem. High-speed internet access everywhere you go. PDA’s will go obsolete. You either have a phone or a computer, not both. Also, I would like to see an mp3 player built into a phone as well as a high-res camera.

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    June 14, 2005 at 10:49 pm

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    June 14, 2005 at 10:50 pm

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