So much is happening in this space I should just start an e-paper category:

Hot on the heels of the invention of a wafer-thin foldable screen that can display static type and may one day replace newspapers as it can be overwritten each day, scientists at Philips Research in Eindhoven have found a way to display high-definition moving pictures as well.

Using a process called electrowetting, the scientists claim to be able to manipulate colored oils in the pixels on the page with such speed and accuracy as to be able to generate clear and accurate video displays.

What’s interesting here is that while most e-paper projects have aimed to create something that has the affordances of paper– brilliant whites, high contrast, permanence (until you want to change it)– this is really something pretty new: there’s no analog, print equivalent of a flexible color screen that can be sewn into a jacket or wrapped around a package.