Juggling work and child care

Well, they lasted an hour in the house before the lamentation began: We Want Television! Girls who spend the entire day happily playing at Peninsula with no electronic entertainment more sophisticated than a popcorn popper tried vigorously to convince me that their very sanity (and by implication, mine) depended on their being able to watch “Piglet’s Big Movie” THIS INSTANT.

So I engaged in what I believe army press secretaries call “mobile defense:” i.e., I retreated. I’ve taken them to Holbrooke Palmer Park, a lovely park and playground near our house, and given them some simple instructions: you can play here, here and here, and if you need anything, just remember that you’re disturbing me.

And actually, I’ve done rather well. My work and tools really DO seem to be sufficiently mobile to let me work anywhere: so long as there’s a flat surface for my coffee mug, laptop or Clie, papers, and iPod (an essential for creating your own Zone of Prickly Concentration), I can work.

Other than one bonked head, they’ve done rather well, too.