This is ironic in light of my recent posting on blogging as an amateur activity, but: I’m going pro.

Next week I’m launching a blog, sponsored by my employer, the Institute for the Future, on emerging technologies and the future. It’ll be titled “Future Now,” and will do a lot of the kinds of things I’ve done in the “futures” and “emergence” sections of this blog: look at things coming out of the lab, at interesting new technologies, and explain what they might mean for the future. We’re also interested in how blogging can be used as a tool for keeping in touch with our clients, and also getting our ideas and message out the general public.

For now I’ll be the lead author, but as time goes on, I’ll probably be joined by a couple other people at the Institute. The blog will be open to the public, and believe me, I’ll make sure the RSS feed works.

I’ll still have this blog, and a certain amount of cross-posting and long quotations from entries on the other site will be inevitable. But anything that comes from gawker or die puny humans will have to be posted here, rather than a company site!

We’re still finalizing the design of Future Now, but I should have it up and running early next week. URL TK.

Best of all, now I can stop feeling guilty about blogging at work!