The Economist— one of the few magazines I really like to read regularly despite almost always disagreeing with its politics (as opposed to things like National Review or The Nation, which I’ll read to stay informed but which usually piss me off)– reports on a clash between technology and social… uh, practices… in Italy:

Italians of all classes and ages own a telfonino. A recent survey found that more than half of children aged between nine and ten have one.

But this summer a note of diffidence has crept in. Mobiles may be great for chatting but they can get in the way of something else that in Italy is almost as popular. According to the Rome-based Miriam Tomponzi detective agency, 87% of cases of marital infidelity established by its sleuths in Europe in the past year came to light because of tell-tale traces left on mobile telephones.

But there may be hope: a new service, Alter Ego, which

provides two numbers on the same SIM (subscriber identity module) card, ostensibly to help people keep professional and personal calls separate. It may have other uses.