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Technology out of control

What would Lewis Mumford or Jacques Ellul– or for that matter, William Morris– or Ruth Benedict– make of this?

This is one of those blog entries where the comments REALLY make it.


  1. The problem here is probably not the fact that technology is out of control, but an imbalance of values. It seems that over the last few centuries humans have drastically over valued technology as a solution to the vicissitudes of life. Consequently the emotional aspect of problem solving has been left by the wayside. Human emotional maturation is far too underdeveloped to deal with the controversies that modern technonlgy presents to us. A solution to this presents itself if, as individuals, we can find happiness in the wellbeing of others and an acceptance of our position in life. By no means does this imply that we should discontinue funding and projects that support the advancement of technology, simply that we as individuals and then as nations and then as a global community need to re-evaluate what we need and the needs of others around us. Only after we understand and can accept our place on this earth can we attempt to push forward and expand the vast library of technological knowledge that we have to draw from.

  2. Technology sucks… my personal opinion i’d rather be a hilbilly with no money than have to deal with technology


  3. I don’t believe that there is a human mind presently,that can encompass the exponential ramifications of current computer-based technology.

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