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The problem with The Onion

Could you guys stop being so, like, uncomfortably not-quite-any-longer satirical?

Relations Break Down Between U.S. And Them

After decades of antagonism between the two global powers, the U.S. has officially severed relations with Them, Bush administration officials announced Tuesday. [from The Onion]

Then, this:

America set to torpedo trade talks

Fears are growing that the United States could effectively walk away from crucial trade talks in the Mexican resort of Cancun aimed at solving the deepening economic and social crisis afflicting billions of the world’s poorest people. [from The Guardian Online]

Time to go to bed….

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  1. Uuhhh…with all due respect, Yma Sumac has a 5 octave voice, unmatched even today. “Lounge” is Peggy Lee, or Rosemarry Clooney. Sumac is receiving several lifetime achievenment awards in 2006, has a worldwide web site adored by fans from 16 to 70 something, and was near mauled by young people at a public appearance in October 2005. All of her albums have been reissued on CD and in the last two years huge compilation double CD’s have popped up all over the world. In May 2006, she will be photographed by Vanity Fair for her return to Peru for the first time in decades.

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