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Apple packaging

Ah, if only I could help explain why Apple cares about package design:

Apple seemed to really put some serious work into this, into the details, the packaging, the shape and texture. The rich black box, the clean unobtrusive font, the silver sliver inch-wide side-shot photograph of the PowerBook itself on the box lid….

And you open the gorgeous black box and lift the white cardboard inside flap, itself adorned with clean offset typeface declaring “Designed by Apple in California,” and you are confronted with what is quite possible the most thoughtfully designed and pleasing packaging you’ve ever seen, not like you care about this stuff and hey it’s all just Styrofoam and garbage anyway, but still.

It’s really true. When I got my iPod, I hesistated for a moment to open it up and take it out, because the packaging was so elegant. Then I just ripped into it like a Labrador going at a wounded bag of kibble.

For reasons that elude me, I’ve been craving one of the new 12″ Powerbooks. Not even the 17″ widescreen one, just a modest one. Maybe with the Superdrive.

[via Lockergnome]


  1. “modest. …with the SuperDrive.”

    Uh-huh. 🙂

  2. Does someone knows where do they manufacter the packages?
    Where do they get those amazing boxes?


    TITLE: Microsoft Redesigns iPod Packaging
    BLOG NAME: Naquada
    DATE: 03/09/2006 05:27:21 AM
    I was sent this today, and its just so true, the clean, no-nonsense design of Apple Products verses the bloated, full on, we’ve got more widgets, gizmos and doofers than anyone else Microsoft design philosophy. As you might know,…

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