From Recordnet:

Devices spread word of fights

Two student fights that erupted recently at a Manteca park and at Lincoln High School in Stockton nearly turned into riots when dozens of teenagers showed up to watch, apparently after students spread the word using their cellular phones.

Two 17-year-old Calla High School students were cited for fighting in public in the Oct. 8 incident, which began at Shasta Park and then shifted to Chadwick Park after residents saw the gathering crowd and called police, Manteca Police Department spokesman Rex Osborn said.

Police and school officials believe some students used their cell phones to notify friends in advance of the fight, but it’s unclear if they phoned them on campus or after school.

“One of the kids (in the fight) called some of his friends and when the other student heard about it, he called some of his friends, and the next thing you know the whole thing blew up,” said Manteca police Officer Shawn Cavin, who works at Calla and talked to the two teenagers after the fight.

I especially like the bit about the fight shifting venues. Aren’t fights supposed to be more spontaneous?

Clearly I spent too much time in the library when I was in high school.

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