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Riding home

On BART, going home from Day 1 of the Tech Horizons conference. I plugged in my headphones as soon as I got on board, and now Steve Tyler’s guitar and the screech of subway wheels on rails are competing in my personal sound space. It’s not the most pleasant sensation, but it IS keeeping me awake.

The weird thing is, they’re both in the same key.

I met danah boyd, of connected selves and, this evening at the conference dinner. Normally I feel a twinge of envy or self-consciousness when meeting someone who’s smarter than I’ll ever be, or nicer; yet despite the fact that danah is obviously both, I enjoyed the experience.

Okay, I admit it, I rarely have that experience. Actually, I probably do, and just don’t notice it.


  1. No, Alex, you are the smartest and nicest man ever to walk the earth. But of course you knew that.

  2. Well, thank you very much.

    I conclude from your comment that I don’t count Martin among my readers….

  3. You are right–Martin already knows where my Amazon wish list is. And he doesn’t respond well to abject begging.

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