It’s intended as a funny, cutting piece, but Gawker accidentally makes a point about the uses of social network practices in an article on Manhattan’s marijuana delivery services:

Gawker: Hi, Smokey. Thanks for taking time to school me in the ways of modern pot-smoking. I just have a few questions. So: how’d you find your pot delivery service?
Smokey: Someone had to call and vouch for me to their service… I had to set up an “account” up from their phone.
Gawker: Oh wow. So you got screened.
Smokey: Yah.
Gawker: That’s genius…. So getting a delivery pot dealer is kind of like getting a date on Friendster.

What amazing things they have in New York…. Fortunately, the interview goes back downhill from there, which is what you expect from Gawker.