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10.3 is working. Most important, I can now synch my iPod with my Mac. Tons of new music downloading into the little white box ‘o fun.

Not surprisingly, the machine isn’t terribly speedy, but I think I’ll just always keep it on, and never quit any of my key applications.

Later. Okay, so I know some of my earlier posts sounded kind of snarky, in that nervous “is it going to work or not?” way, but I must say: this is turning out to be a great piece of technology. Not only is my iPod synching again, but I’ve got my CD burners again. A few months ago, during an update of OS 9, my Mac lost the ability to recognize the presence of the CD burners. 10.1 wouldn’t find them either. But Panther just takes them over, no using third party software, no nothing: put in a blank disc, open up the Finder, drag folders in, and hit “burn CD.” Magnificent.


  1. Congratulations — enjoy the music.

  2. Oh man, are you kidding? Being mobile with Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Feat the Reaper” and Heart’s “Magic Man”? “Enjoy” doesn’t begin to describe it.

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