On a bad article titled “Total Future Awareness.”

I haven’t got time to talk much about it this evening– I’ve got three interviews with three different, very interesting people in the next week, and am working like mad to prepare for them– but this article on “Total Future Awareness,” which argues that

During the 1990s, the science-fictionish predictions of futurists such as [IFTF director Paul] Saffo helped legitimize the absurd behavior surrounding the Internet stock craze. This decade they could likewise affirm the excesses of the War on Terror.

Just as these celebrity futurists helped prolong the New Economy, I believe they could be of great service in extending the terror wars.

–is pretty out there. I mean, at one level I know that in this context “Paul Saffo” is merely a straw man, and could have been any one of a half dozen futurists/forecasters, but still…. Let’s just say it’s an article rich in things to disagree with.