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Following Bill++ Mitchell

This is something I haven’t seen before: the academic equivalent of Gawker Stalker. Anne Galloway reported on a William Mitchell keynote; now, Alex Wilkie posts on Mitchell’s talk at the Architectural Association.

How long before we can’t give the same talk twice (or 400 times) without a large part of our audience noticing and complaining? “Hey, Epistemographer said that you said this four days ago!”

In a sense, you go from talking to many small audiences to talking to a few audiences, including one that consists of a bunch of people who are all connected, but just happen to hear you on different nights. (I know it’s not as elegant as “you go from talking to many small audiences to talking to one big one,” but it’s more accurate.)

Extra work for speakers, particularly if it forces them to think more deeply about what they’re saying and not be able to brush aside the same complaints repeatedly, but maybe a good thing for the rest of us.

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  1. Heh heh. There’s more after his presentation at the Tate last night.

    And you know – I’ve always thought it was kind of irresponsible to give the same talk over and over again 😉

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