Okay, so I went to the 11:05 showing of “The Matrix Revolutions.” Like when I went to “Matrix Reloaded,” it was 90% men, and not a date scene– more like a “skip out with a couple choice co-workers or fellow graduate students” scene. It was also a great example of how we squash together our work and private lives: I was not the only person typing away on their laptop until the previews started. (Which in my case was an absolute necessity, given how much I’ve got stacked up.)

I’ll maybe have more to say about it later, but for now: it was better than “Matrix Reloaded.”

Oh, one more thing. If the couple who brought the 6 year-old are reading this, I have a question: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR ******* MINDS? NOT APPROPRIATE! (Maybe I should have put that on Craig’s List.)