It’s really heating up at the restaurants and clubs downstairs. Since my room overlooks the courtyard, I’ve got an emperor’s-eye view of this contemporary gladitorial combat of the sexes.

Clearly something in the architecture has a warping effect on me. It’s this jumble of Mediterranean styles: Egyptian columns, Greek windows, Tuscan colors, Spanish courtyards, and some weird abstract shapes that could be from some Enlightenment art student’s Grand Tour notebook. There’s a health club that I swear is based on Etienne Louis Boulle’s cenotaph for Newton.

I should also add that, lest I seem ungrateful, I do appreciate my work sending me here, and the clients’ generosity in hosting us. They took us to Tapenade, a terrific French restaurant in La Jolla. I can barely move, I’m so weighed down with apple tart and creme brule (which, interestingly, also designed a cenotaph for Newton). The very definition of a good night.