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Squashing comment spam

I spent a little time today deleting half a dozen comments from a comment spammer.

I assume that no reader of this blog is interested in “hot Russian Lolitas” (was Lolita Russian? can’t remember my Nabokov, but I have the vague memory that she was German), but please correct me if I’m wrong, and I’ll ban your IP address. This is a family show.


  1. I believe the nymphet who first embraced his “sceptre of passion” (Annabelle) was French, but Lolita was from New England. Of course, perhaps your commenter was not thinking of the novel.

  2. I guess you don’t have a filter up yet ;).

  3. Thanks…. uh, that clears a lot up.

    And somehow I think you’re right: my mysterious commenter is even less familiar with Nabokov than I am (if such a thing is possible)!

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