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The stupidest ants in the world have invaded our kitchen

A few days ago, when it turned really cold, ants started showing up in our kitchen. Really tiny ones. After observing them for several days, I now know why they’re so tiny. They’re profoundly stupid.

The first night I saw them they had made a beeline, or should I say an antline, for a pot of Good Earth herb tea. Not the sugar bowl, or the butter, or any of the millions of other rich targets in the kitchen. The pot of tea.

Next, they appeared behind the sofa. Granted, the kids put their sippy cups of juice on top of the sofa, so there’s the chance that there’s a scent there. But still, it’s not the most obvious place to go for food.

Tonight, I go into the kitchen, and what do I see? Ants marching to and from… the battery recharger.


  1. They’re actually working on biodiesel for their tiny, tiny trucks.

  2. Ah, ants. Fun, fun. My guess is that they are thirsty and using available entrances. Or maybe they are just stupid. Good luck discouraging them!

  3. They are nerdy ants like us! They need more power for their tiny tiny computers!

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