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Away from the blog

What with the holiday season upon us and all, I doubt that I’m getting much traffic (should I check? Do I want to know?), but last-minute Christmas shopping and two sick children have been keeping me away from writing.

I’m going to be completing the transition over to the TypePad system in the next couple days. With luck, no one will notice any major degredation in the quality of the site, though there’s the chance that some of the old URLs won’t work. Movable Type and TypePad use two different methods for creating file names for individual blog entries, so when you move from the one to the other, all the old URLs become broken links.

This is a shame, and it’s made me think about just how much value are created– and expressed in– hyperlinks.

However, there’s a pretty cool-looking redirect that I’m planning to use for at least those pages that I know have links to them. I don’t think I can do it for all of them. We’ll see.


  1. FYI, when I bring up the blog in Opera, I don’t see any links on the left – works fine with Mozilla though.

    (The T1 at work is back up, yay!)

  2. Never mind – I noticed that lots of other sites were looking odd with Opera. After I restarted everything was fine!

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