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Being mistaken for Gene Becker

Yesterday as I was working in Cafe Barrone, hunched over my Vaio, trying to wrestle a brilliant, sprawling Theodore Roszak interview into the tight confines of 1200 words without killing it, a woman came up to me and said, “Excuse me, are you Gene?” I said I was sorry, but no. As she left, I thought fleetingly, “I guess Gene Becker and I look a bit alike.”

The weird thing is, she didn’t say a last name. For some reason, my brain just filled it in. Turns he was there.

And I’ll get to the latest issue of the above-the-mean m-pulse right after I finish the Brian Arthur interview I’m now trying to carve down into something manageable. The problem with talking to really smart people is that they usually say more smart stuff than you have room to print.


  1. Um, that’s pretty weird. I’ve worked a bit on ambient contextual awareness systems, but they aren’t deployed in Borrone’s as far as I know…

  2. Well, if she was looking for someone with dark hair and medium height, and assumed that a person working on a computer could be you, it makes a little more sense.

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