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Birth blog

This post in Smart Mobs caught my eye, partly because it marks another little step in the evolution of our bottom-up, user-produced, self-publishing digital culture, and partly because I could vividly imagine what would have happened to me if I had done it:

I just wanted to let you know that I successfully blogged… the birth of our first child to hiptop Nation…. Since the labor ran about 14 hours, family members and friends (an uncounted others on hiptop Nation) were able to follow along from several different cities in real time. During the actual birth, my wife’s mother was on the line via a Sidekick my sister-in-law was holding, and I was blogging from mine.

Certainly I stand between no one and their desire to mark the birth of a child in whatever way they want; though I recall being somewhat, well, occupied with other things at the time of Elizabeth’s and Daniel’s arrivals.

And if you have to turn your cell phone off in a hospital, can you still use a Sidekick?

Update: Here’s another one!

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  1. There really is a birth blog online!

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