Every now and then I’ll Google myself and see what comes up. (Come on, everybody does it.) Tonight I found a complaint by Willard McCarty (who in the humanities computing world is quite a mover and shaker), that not unflatteringly mentions my “Hypertext: The Next Generation” article.* (Why oh why couldn’t I come up with a better title for that piece?)

I’ve actually been thinking about this piece some, as I’ve been working on another essay that talks about information technology and STS. I’ve either reached an impasse with it, or a breakthrough. Either way, I’ve decided it’s time to start taking the idea public.

More shortly.

*Though in a lreply, Stephen Ramsay says I’m “hardly the first to point out that no extant hypertextual technology rises to the ideal that the theoretical discourse posits; it has been reiterated countless times in the literature.” There’s also a bit about being a “casual interloper,” but it’s directed more at others than me. Oh well. Win some, lose some.

I also found an republication of my Stanford Magazine mouse article in a computer user group newsletter. I’m not miffed that they reprinted it; but the formatting looks lousy. This version looks so much nicer….

Still, it’s kind of nice that newsletters would want to pick that up. I don’t know of the hypertext article being reprinted in any popular venues.

Wait, here’s another one. It looks like maybe the Alumni Association authorized reprinting. Why didn’t I get a cut? That pesky contract….