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Shifting to Type Pad

I’m going to be moving the site from my current host over to Type Pad, the online blogging service that’s grown out of Movable Type. My URL shouldn’t change, and other than the site looking a little more like something that comes from the Ikea catalog, some tweaks with the design, and the appearance of some new features, you shouldn’t see significant differences.

More updates as events warrant!


  1. Well, a few reasons.

    • It’s cheaper than my current service, for the same amount of bandwidth and storage space (I’ll save about $100 a year).
    • I’ve been a little disappointed at the fact that I haven’t been able to use some of the cooler MT plugins, because my provider runs older versions of some key things like Perl and XML parsers. I’m assuming that TypePad will offer better support for such things.
    • TypePad offers support for moblogging, and I’m thinking of getting a camera cell phone, since I don’t have enough to do.
    • It’s been a while since I’ve had an intensely frustrating experience with computer technology, and moving my blogs– one of which has over a thousand pictures– from one service to another should provide plenty of that!
  2. Here’s another good why: because TypePad is hosted, I’m not tied to one computer.

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