The Washington Post has an interesting, if surreal and slightly depressing, article about tourism in North Korea. Though I suppose anything written about North Korea is going to be surreal and slightly depressing.

In the surreal world of North Korean tourism, you can feast on local delicacies served by glamorous lady comrades, watch an acrobatics show infused with Stalinist humor and climb a storied mountain covered with plaques and monuments celebrating the totalitarian Kim clan.

But be back indoors by the midnight curfew — or face fines, questioning by authorities or, well, worse.

This is Mount Kumgang, the fortified tourist compound where the Hermit Kingdom meets the Magic Kingdom, right down to Disneyesque guys in fuzzy bear suits greeting visitors.

Mount Kumgang is “now coated with more than 4,000 monuments, etchings and other commemorative inscriptions to the clan.” Another great example of how communist nations managed to wreck the environment.