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Another happening Saturday night

I’m in my daughter’s room, sitting in the armchair as she falls asleep, more or less counting the hours until Monday and I go back to work. I’ve enjoyed my vacation, but I’m ready for my regularly scheduled programming to resume. I think my children are, too: they no longer quite know what to do in each other’s company. Given that they’re four and two, the options are limited to begin with.

The one substantive thing I’ve been doing is working on an article that’s occupied me for several months, on the collapsing divide between the physical and digital worlds. It’s been one of those articles that I outlined, thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to say… then have spent several months wrestling with it. I think I’m closing in on an endgame now, largely because I realized that it was actually two articles, and I’ve split them up: one on technologies that bind data to places, and one on pervasive computing technologies and actor-network theory.

My hope is that I can get reasonable drafts finished in the next couple days, before work starts again. Then the next question is where I can think of sending them: they’re probably too futures-y for an STS journal, so I’ll probably have to send them to a futures journal.


  1. I would be glad to read this stuff 🙂

  2. You’ll get the first public copies! I’m not sure there aren’t many other people who could make heads or tails of them….

  3. Hey, me too!

    What sort of journals are you considering?

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