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For those with really nice handwriting, Fontifier will let you convert your written text into a font that you can use on a computer.

I wonder if I could use it to convince people that I’ve written them real letters by hand? Actually, no one I know would believe that I’d written something by hand.

[via Plastic Bag]


  1. Having received letters in your actual handwriting, I urge you not to Fontify. Unless, that is, you’ve somehow bought stock in opthamology.

  2. Oh gee, thanks so much. I’m blessed to have such supportive friends.

    And I would have expected you to comment on the whale culture entry first….

  3. Because you and whales have equally legible handwriting, but their ink is not waterproof, so evidence is scarce to support my claim?

    Don’t talk to me about whales. I’m all about naked mole-rats now. Okay, I still like whales. 🙂

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