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Rebellion in Saudi Arabia?

The Straits Times (of Singapore) reports of rising violence in the Saudi province of al-Jouf, an historic power base of the Saudi royal family. Not a good thing, stability-wise.

The rebellion in al-Jouf shows in microcosm what is happening throughout Saudi Arabia.

There is now a near-universal domestic resistance to the rule of the al-Saud family.

For 70 years, it has claimed to have unified the people of the land that it conquered, and afterwards gave its name to.

But it managed to do that only superficially.

Getting rid of the al-Saud is fast becoming a question not only of necessity for ordinary Saudis, but of honour.

[via Paul Saffo]

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  1. As long as Bush is in the picture, the Saudi
    royals are always gonna be in power
    (read: Vanity Fair article 2003)

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