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Science, technology, and the blue and red states

Yesterday I read an article by Richard Florida entitled “Creative Class War,” which argues that the U.S. is losing the global battle for creative talent, in part because the current administration is hostile to such people.

While I think the article lays too much blame at the White House door, it’s still interesting for the way it connects the rise of the creative class to the nation’s political and cultural polarization (blue states are dense with creatives, red are not).

This morning, two data-points on that division. The first from David Farber’s list:

Interesting–was just reading the description of the MyDoom worm on the symantec site ( and noticed the following:

“When W32.Novarg.A@mm sends email, it avoids distributing to the domains that contain any of the following strings:”


Meanwhile, on the other coast:

Georgia considers banning ‘evolution’

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) — The state’s school superintendent has proposed striking the word evolution from Georgia’s science curriculum…

[thanks to Paul and Heather, respectively!]


  1. Googled (as we digerati are wont to say) for “blue and red states” (forgot which was which, and also wondered how the term came to be so pervasive… whatever happened to brown and green?… or?…). Thought you might find it mildly amusing that the first listing under such was your blog.


    Superb work… and it has kept me from work.

    Thank you.



  2. This shows up at the top? It makes me glad I didn’t buy any Google stock….

    And isn’t it interesting how “Google” has become a verb?

  3. “Being an historian and a futurist might seem contradictory, but they’re not.”
    The key to linking them is found in the Marxian definition of ‘dialectic’.
    TITLE: Science in Iran
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    How much do culture and religion have to do with science in Iran? Today, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah…
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    Richard Florida har skrivit ännu en tankeväckande artikel. Se tidigare inlägg om Florida här och här. [Via Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

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